lel’ — is the fruit of creativity of the best technologists and 20 years of experience with cheese, it is entirely devoted to the modern man, his crazy rhythm of life, the pursuit of health and the use of the best. What matters most to us is the desire to make life more enjoyable and comfortable, regardless of the situation: preparing for the discerning restaurant customer, making a delicious meal close to home or pampering ourselves.

It’s very simple lel’ cheese, which is easy!

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Our professional cheese line is represented by the most popular among chefs with fresh cheeses, we have ready solutions. But if your business needs cheese with other characteristics (more salt, refractory and more), we will create it for you. To this end, a R&D department was introduced in which cheesemakers embody their expertise in developing unique recipes for your business.

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Professionals & lel’

Like any responsible brand, lel’ seeks to bring in little more than fresh cheeses of excellent quality. In collaboration with talented chefs, we develop a culture of consumption of fresh cheeses (mozzarella, cream cheese, ricotta), and reveal delicious secrets of their use among Ukrainians. And, of course, we share the author’s recipes for the best cooks.

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