Lel’ is the result of a creative mindset from the best technologists over the span of 20 years experience of in production. Our fresh cheeses are intended for the modern person, who operates in a crazy rhythm of life, strives to be healthy and wants to consume only the best! Lel’ makes it easy for people in any situation: at a restaurant, cooking for the pickiest demanding clients, whilst cooking a meal at home for your loved ones or yourself. We make your life more pleasant and accommodating to your needs.

Lel’- cheese that makes everything easy!

Personal offer

We have ready-made solutions! The Lel’ professional cheese line is deemed the most popular choice amongst fresh cheese. However, if your business requires cheese with other characteristics (i.e. more salt, more refractoriness, etc.) we will create it for you! Our R&D department contains employees that are masters at what they do, who develop unique recipes special for your business.

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Professionals & Lel’

Like any cautious brand, Lel’ aims to create something more than cheese with A+ quality. By working with talented chefs we cultivate the consumption culture of fresh cheese in Ukraine (i.e. mozzarella, cream cheese, ricotta). Therefore we unveil their delicious secrets of using this cheese and share original recipes from the best chefs from Ukraine and the world!

We are trusted, we appreciate