She went through a work trip. Only two days. But this was the first time for him – a whole two days alone with their three-year-old baby. It is difficult to perform so many roles at once: a cook, a nanny, a friend and just a caring father. Especially difficult were the preparation and feeding. A universal solution was needed: to optimize the cooking process and make the dish itself incredibly tasty and useful. Sometimes solutions are only found when you encounter a problem.

In those two days he barely managed, but the main event happened a little later, suddenly, like all brilliant ideas, after he shared with her his two-day experience. She had just returned from the negotiations, and the cheesy company she worked for was trying to find a new approach to the cooking process. And she succeeded. This is where the story of a new lel ‘brand began, which looked at cooking from a different angle. Whatever the situation, whatever needs arise, he has a solution.

In our own experience, we have gone through the processes that cooks and cooks face every day, we have looked differently at cooking and adopted a new philosophy – “ease and simplicity”. When you start cooking with lel ‘you feel the difference – it’s cheese that is made for real cooks. Each position has its purpose, in the development of recipes we took into account everything that affects the taste of the dish: the type of oven, which is the dish, how you can optimize the cooking time. The lel ‘Professional line was created separately for the professionals, among which products can be found ready-made cheese solution, and it is possible to develop a unique recipe for cheese for individual business needs, which is precisely for this purpose the R&D unit was introduced.

Let’s just say, lel’ – cheese with which easy!

A little history


Returning a few decades later, we will begin the history of becoming the Ardis Group, one of the first to introduce Ukrainians to unique types of cheeses from different countries and import the world’s best brands. The company has succeeded in falling in love with Ukrainians in cheese variety


Thanks to Ardis Group, Ukrainians have discovered real fresh cheeses from Italy: mozzarella, yogurt, mascarpone


The company was able to translate the experience and expertise and create its own line of fresh cheeses under TM La Perla. The line of business was chosen and has not changed since. The main partners at that time were only professionals. They are still an important component of our cheese ecosystem, but over the years our views and opportunities have expanded significantly.


Start forming a new history of cheese company brand: from La Perla to the lightest lel ‘. Cheese with which everything is easy!


A new, more powerful dairy workshop has been launched, bringing together the most talented cheesemakers who are now translating their copyright ideas into R&D development for clients’ special needs.

Product safety and quality are ensured by a multi-level quality control system, a key part of which is our own laboratory. In the summer, production was HACCP certified