C ertainly there aren’t any people that have never been accustomed to the cooking process. And at that moment, all you would like is to be comfortable and carry out flawlessly: this doesn’t mean that you must take time to cut, unfold or carry out any additional steps for preparing your products. All of this is between amateur cooks. But what about the professional kitchen?

We have decided to take a few steps further and form a team, which is partially made up of cooks-technologists, people that love to cook and simply smart and talented people, which have been overcoming the cooking “speed bump”.

We assumed that it is not enough to just be smart, one has to understand the kitchen in and out, therefore all those that knew not much about cooking went on a training course to Ukrainian restaurants. For several weeks they were observing and handling the processes which occurred in the kitchen. Once they returned, we heard this phrase: “Cooking, is like a whole different world…”.

From our personal experience, we went through the processes which are faced by professional cooks daily. All of that enabled us to look from a different perspective and claimed a new philosophy – “lightness and simplicity”.

Once you start cooking with Lel’ you immediately feel the difference- the cheese was created for true culinary enthusiasts. Each unit has its purpose, during the development process we have considered everything, that may affect the taste of the dish- type of oven, the type of dish, how to optimize the cooking time. There is a Lel’ professional line created for professionals that will include readymade cheese solutions and the ability to develop a specific recipe for the business.

Let put it simply, Lel’- cheese that makes everything easy! 

A little bit of history never hurt ‘nobody


If we go back several decades, we will begin the history of Ardis Group. It was one of the first to offer Ukrainians the opportunity to become acquainted with unique cheese from different countries and import the best worldwide brands. This company was truly able to make Ukrainians fall in love with the variety of cheese.


Thanks to Ardis Group, Ukrainians were able to discover real Italian fresh cheeses: Mozzarella, Ricotta, Mascarpone.


The company embodied all of its experience into creating its own line of fresh cheese for TM La Perla. The chosen direction of their work has not changed since. The main partners at the time were strictly professionals. They are definitely the majority of our cheesy ecosystem, however, through the years we have, of course, expanded our views and opportunities.


The beginning of a new life of own cheese brand – total rebranding TM La Perla, which transformed into easiest cheese Lel’. Cheese which makes cooking so easy!


A new, more powerful dairy workshop has been launched, bringing together the most talented cheesemakers who are now translating their copyright ideas into R&D development for clients’ special needs.

Product safety and quality are ensured by a multi-level quality control system, a key part of which is our own laboratory. In the summer, production was HACCP certified